Course description

  • Developing Intuition

    We all have intuition but many of us have forgotten how to tap into it and use it to help us in our lives. Having the ability to make choices with clarity, safe in the knowledge they are 100% right for you is a gift I help you develop.

  • Spirit Guides & Angels

    Having an unconditional loving guidance available to us 24/7/365 helps us to feel safe, loved, and supported. My life improved ten-fold once I access this guidance! You'll learn how to communicate with your very own guides on this course!

  • Additional Support

    The course gives you the foundation tools & knowledge for interpreting signs & guidance, protecting your energy, manifesting, overcoming fears and coming back to love. PLUS live Q&A's in my private membership group.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Understanding heart energy & basic spiritual laws
    • Welcome & Introduction - please read
    • Understanding heart energy & basic spiritual laws
    • Please note
    • Module 1 Slides
  • 2
    Boundaries & managing your energy space
    • Boundaries & managing your space
    • Module 2 Slides
  • 3
    Communicating with your guides & angels
    • Communicating with your guides & angels
    • Module 3 Slides
  • 4
    Receiving & understanding guidance
    • Receiving & understanding guidance
    • Setting & Closing Space Updated
    • Module 4 Slides
  • 5
    Oneness, earth, nature & animals
    • Oneness, earth, nature & animals
    • Module 5 Slides
  • 6
    Overcoming fear & coming back to love
    • Overcoming fear & coming back to love
    • Module 6 Slides
  • 7
    Manifesting with heart energy
    • Manifesting with heart energy
    • Module 7 slides


Price includes lifetime access to all 7 modules, live supporting video calls and the option to join my private membership group.

T's & C's

The course does not provide any professional qualifications or abilities and is purely for personal development only. Refunds are not available.