Increasing your visibility & wealth

Creating a constant flow of your perfect clients!

  • Working with spiritual support is what makes my programme unique and essential for clarity, guidance and support. You are not alone in this - your guides & Angels are waiting to support you!

  • A gently paced course to guide you through developing your intuition & knowing the difference between when your ego and soul are guiding your actions. Your soul knows the way but it takes practice to hear it and take action.

  • We all have hidden energy blocks limiting our visibility and ability to attract clients. They can stop us from making our amazing businesses super successful! Learn to identify & clear these hidden blocks for yourself and fall in love with your business all over again.

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Course curriculum

11 modules taking you safely through developing your intuition & spiritual gifts for business. Each module is completed at your own pace and supported with live weekly group calls. Group size is 5 maximum.

  • 1
    Welcome & Orientation
    • Welcome & Orientation
  • 2
    Immersion Meditations
    • Heart Cave
    • Heart Bath
    • Healing Sanctuary
    • Client Attractor
  • 3
    Module 1 - Understanding & Working with Heart Energy
    • Understanding heart energy, my infamous heart bath & aligning to earth
    • Setting & Closing Space script
  • 4
    Module 2 - Soul Vs Ego
    • Learning the difference between ego and soul guidance
  • 5
    Module 3 - Identifying & Overcoming Fears
    • Module 3 - Creating your own healing sanctuary
  • 6
    Module 4 - Creating your Spiritual Board
    • Creating your Spiritual Board & Receiving Guidance
  • 7
    Module 5 - Attracting your Perfect Clients
    • Learning to attract a constant flow of perfect clients for you
  • 8
    Module 6 - Harnessing the power of other supportive energies
    • Harnessing the power of the moon
  • 9
    Module 7 - Enhanced guidance with animals & nature
    • Nature's wisdom
    • Dragonflies, water and trees
    • A very special deer (or two!)
    • Nature's wisdom
  • 10
    Module 8 - Advanced healing sanctuary
    • Advanced healing sanctuary
    • Advanced healing sanctuary
  • 11
    Module 9 - Advanced spiritual board - Business planning with your soul team
    • Business & marketing planning with your soul team
    • Supporting slides
  • 12
    Module 10 - Weekly & Daily Guidance with Oracle Cards
    • Module 10 - Working with Oracle Cards
    • Module 10 Slides
  • 13
    Module 11 - Making BIG decisions
    • Making BIG decisions
    • Module 11 Slides
  • 14
    Module 12 - bonus!
    • Summary & Cheat Sheet
    • Soulpreneurs Club Cheat Sheet
    • Module 12 Slides


Pricing includes weekly calls, webinars, monthly all-hands meetings and lifetime access to the Soulpreneurs Club Facebook group

About Jen

Hi, I'm Jen. I'm an Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Mentor helping business owners develop their intuitive skill set to eliminate blocks and supercharge their business. I was guided (aka lovingly told by the universe!) to share my transformational journey from running my business from a place of ego & fear to one with peace & clarity.

In 2015, the universe gave me a huge helping hand and delivered a scenario for me to break down and break free from the corporate world I'd been in for 20 years. I went from isolation and depression to connection and happiness, launched my own coaching business 9 months later and started to embrace my spiritual gifts.

By 2018 I'd begun to shift my mindset away from the limiting patriarchal system and realised just how far away from my emotions I'd got. It became my passion to reconnect to my emotions through my spiritual practise which led me to the discovery that love is our greatest strength.  Later that year I was able to share this discovery live on a TEDx stage with my talk, Putting Emotion Back in Business.

My spiritual development continued and I was (and still am!) thirsty for learning - I couldn't get enough.

In 2019, it occurred to me that this wonderful and incredibly powerful connection I'd made with the universe could also help me with my business. 

I developed the strongest sense of self-worth I've ever known and this led to attracting the most perfect clients, networking groups where I instantly felt I belonged, collaboration opportunities and noticed that I wasn't worrying anymore.

It was such a powerful transformation that I just knew I had to share it with the world and so, Soulpreneurs Club was born. 

Now I work with the universe to teach, support & empower others to do the same for themselves and their businesses, leading us toward a more balanced and loving world.