“Jenny is an amazing coach, she's approachable, caring and easy to get on with. She's really professional, but she also brings her sense of humour to her coaching, and that helped to put me at ease. I found that Jenny kept me on track during the sessions and really focused me on what I wanted to get out of coaching, meaning I ended up achieving what I set out to - so great results too! Thanks so much Jenny!”


“Jenny was exactly the person I was looking for, I've come out of coaching feeling better about myself and have a good plan for the near/mid future!”


“Jenny has a fantastic ability to help people to come to their own decisions. It’s a real skill to be able to listen and guide and not direct. I highly recommend her and have had several really great sessions to get my business up and running. Thank you.”


A Practical Guide to Transform Your Life!

Jenny Thomas, Career & Confidence Coach experienced a 'burnout' in 2015 in her corporate marketing role and decided to rebuild her life doing something completely different! Now she brings what she's learned and teaches it to others so that they are empowered to create the life they want to live. On Jenny's 2 stage course, you will learn how to get unstuck, get off the hamster wheel, transform negative thinking and create a realistic plan for success that you are motivated to achieve!
A Practical Guide to Transform Your Life!

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